Here's a sampling of the amazing farms and ranches that we have been fortunate enough to work with.


Olivia Brion Winery. Napa, CA.

Olivia Brion Winery is nestled in a 3,300-acre valley with just about 40 acres of vines in two Organic Certified vineyard operations. Wild Horse Valley is a distinct viticultural appellation: while Napa Valley has hot summer afternoons, Wild Horse's proximity to the San Pablo and Suisun bays exposes it to cool westerly winds. That weather, along with the rocky volcanic soil, results in small yields and fruit of great color, intensity and minerality.



Jack rabbit hill farm and peak spirits distillery

Peak Spirits® is located at Jack Rabbit Hill Farm in western Colorado’s North Fork Valley, where our farmers grow some of the tastiest fruit on the planet.



The ruby roost. marshall, nc.

This diversified property is in the early stages of an education center, community hub and permaculture emersion site.